Push Athletics

Push Athletics is a San Francisco based Personal and Group Training business, offering one-on-one personal training services, group training, boot camps, nutrition counseling and weight loss plans.  Push Athletics specializes in high-performance strength and conditioning, fat loss, nutritional programs as well as post-rehabilitation, posture correction, mobility and corrective exercise.  Each individualized plan is devised and laid out based on the personal needs/goals of each client.

Push Athletics aims at educating individuals based on their personal objective.  With the continuous introduction of cutting-edge workouts and beneficial tips along the way, Push Athletics strives to keep each workout unique and challenging.  Push Athletics owner Luke Wilson is an expert in the health & fitness industry – leading each client through a well-structured, fun, technically proficient workout that is perfectly individualized and effective.

Luke sets himself apart by utilizing his educational background (in Kinesiology/Exercise Science) and diverse experience to introduce each client to an array of training techniques.  With 10+ certifications under his belt, he is proficient in the use of body weight, kettlebells, dumbbells, ropes, cables, bands, medicine balls, sandbags, drills, and martial arts. – all used to blast away fat, build strength and offer RESULTS RESULTS RESULTS!            

"Life is an activity - EXERCISE IT"

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