I offer my clients a comprehensive approach to fitness, including personal training, small group training, athletic coaching, weight gain or weight loss programs, workshops and nutritional counseling. We all know that each journey to better health is unique, which is why I strive to meet the individual needs of each client. From strength training to metabolic conditioning, flexibility and gymnastics, to even good old bodybuilding, you let me know what you want and I’ll design it for you.

Going on 17 Years and 16 certifications now, I am thrilled to see the life-changing progress my clients have made through the fitness programs, nutritional guidance and a health-focused community where we are able to build healthy new habits that will stay with us long after the program is over.


 I started my fitness career in Santa Barbara in 2001 with a passion for bodybuilding and an insatiable appetite for knowledge. In 2005 I felt like a big fish in a small pond and decided to move to San Francisco with $5000 and a drive to see what I was made of. I landed a job as a personal trainer at Crunch fitness and in 3 years worked my way up to manager. Realizing this was a dead end I moved out and started my own business in 2008. After a lot of learning experiences I opened my first gym, PUSH athletics, in 2011 in Russian Hill San Francisco. Unfortunately we had to close our doors in 2016 but In that same year opened my second gym, Swing Kettlebell School in Nob Hill  San Francisco which is a class based kettlebell system my business partner Rich Manaro and I created.and the facility I do all my training out of.

I have to say thank you to all the intelligent and gifted people I have had the honor of working with over the last 17 years and I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for your support, guidance and inspiration that has pushed me to better myself and create the man I am today.


I.S.S.A. certified

Hardstyle Kettlebell Certified

Russian Kettlebell Certified level 1 and 2

Strength and Conditioning Coach 

Bodybuilding Coach

Speed and Agility Coach 

MMA coach

Swim Instructor
Boot Camp Instructor 
Flexibility/PNF training 
Sports Specific Training 
Body Weight Training 
Functional Strength Training 
Dumbbell Training Boxing Coach

Martial artist 

Myofascial Release therapist
Trigger point therapist


The Russian Kettlebell is the latest weapon against fat and calories in gyms across America. This imported training tool offers full-body workouts to tone, sculpt and shed pounds quickly by using different muscle groups at once. If you're unsatisfied with the same old gym routine, kick it up a notch and come try out a Kettlebell session.

Here are some benefits kettlebells offer,

Serious cardio + strength training 
Flexibility from motion (works full range of motion)
Fitness for a busy lifestyle (quick efficient workouts)
Metabolic fat loss (melts off and stays off)
Strengthens the body as a whole (never isolated)
Easy and fun to learn 
Functional core strength 
Improved coordination 
Cures low back pain 
Improves shoulder health 
Improves posture & spinal stability 

No other piece of equipment will build strength, endurance, power, cardiovascular performance, flexibility, coordination, balance, increase metabolism and improve posture all at the same time.

Learn to train with a kettlebell and change your body forever.


Email: LukeWilsonFitness@yahoo.com

Phone: (805) 801-1874

Location: Swing Kettlebell School - 1058 Hyde st. San Francisco, CA 94109

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