Why kettlebells?

The Russian Kettlebell is the latest weapon against fat and calories in gyms across America. This imported training tool offers full-body workouts to tone, sculpt and shed pounds quickly by using different muscle groups at once. If you're unsatisfied with the same old gym routine, kick it up a notch and come try out a Kettlebell session.

Here are some benefits kettlebells offer,

Serious cardio + strength training 
Flexibility from motion (works full range of motion)
Fitness for a busy lifestyle (quick efficient workouts)
Metabolic fat loss (melts off and stays off)
Strengthens the body as a whole (never isolated)
Easy and fun to learn 
Functional core strength 
Improved coordination 
Cures low back pain 
Improves shoulder health 
Improves posture & spinal stability 

No other piece of equipment will build strength, endurance, power, cardiovascular performance, flexibility, coordination, balance, increase metabolism and improve posture all at the same time.

Learn to train with a kettlebell and change your body forever.

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